Thursday, August 7, 2008

RE: Large diameter bolt clearances



I recollect someone providing a link to an AISC document a few weeks back describing inconsistencies in clearances between the steel and concrete specifications (US), and making recommendations to resolve. I can’t remember the link, but you could search the AISC website.


Here it is typically 2mm clearance in general, 4mm for base plates, and I think up to 6mm for larger bolts in base plates: assuming you are referring to bolt hole clearance. For using an impact wrench typically need at least 55mm clearance from any face, and recommended minimum of 100mm between faces if hand access required, if the issues are clearance for tooling and access.


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Subject: Large diameter bolt clearances


Any suggestions for references for tightening clearance requirements for large diameter anchor bolts (>1.25" diameter)?



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