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AISC Table X (9th Ed.) or Table 10-9a (13th Ed.)

Dear Mr. Allen: Is there a particular reason that you are using A307? Could you please give more information on the connection or the structure. No specific names or locations of the structure, just enough to understand why A307 bolts are used and not A325 or A490? And what is the diameter of A307 that you are using?
In my Steel Design courses, I never had an actual example of use of A307 to give to my students. This will be very helpful in my teaching.
Thanks. As for your question, I hope AISC or others , more qualified than I am , will help.
Abolhassan Astaneh,Professor UC Berkeley (
From: "Bill Allen" <>
To: "'Bill Allen'" <>,
Subject: AISC Table X (9th Ed.) or Table 10-9a (13th Ed.)

What do I use (table or procedure) if I want to use A-307 bolts in a single
plate connection?

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.


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