Monday, October 22, 2007

RE: Hand Lettering Font for Windows programs and for CAD programs that use True-Type fonts.

Fancy fonts are nice but will you have any problems if you need to share your drawings with others?


From: Dennis Wish []
Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2007 5:16 PM
To: 'Bill Allen'
Subject: Hand Lettering Font for Windows programs and for CAD programs that use True-Type fonts.


Last week I asked if anyone was using a hand-lettering style font in Autocad. I did not receive a link to one but I did find a site on the internet with over 18,000 fonts that you can download for free, or if you prefer, you can download all of their fonts in one file for about $18.00 through PayPal. I am posting the link below as these are true type fonts and the one I liked was called Architecture Bold which was nicer than the SHX shape file I found that was a simplex style. I think the true-type font was much nicer. There is a tremendous stock of fonts including symbols styles that could take you forever to get through.

One thing to note – the page links are located at the top of the page. I kept looking at the bottom thinking that when I got to the bottom of the first ten or twenty fonts I would find an arrow or number so that I could move to the next page.. After a while I figured it out and found at the top right of the list rather than the bottom so don’t waste your time. Each font comes in a zipped package with installation instructions


There is an Architectural Lite and Bold. The bold looks pretty good so I downloaded it and will try It out later. In case you are interested, the site is located at: and the particular font “Architect bold” is located at . There is an Architect (simple) and an Architect bold (the one I liked) and an Architecture (this is over the top and copyright by Corel back in 1992.  I like the Architect Bold and will give this one a try.


You might want to bookmark the stock page as the collection of fonts is very extensive.