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RE: S1 and Ss by address (handy-dandy link)

Here's that hand-dandy link that I posted a few weeks ago.
Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar
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Step 1: Go to;jsessionid=2B180343DF457F54F40C707C4D8972AD;jsessionid=2B180343DF457F54F40C707C4D8972AD
and install "Windows Platform - Java Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 12" (preferably select the "Online Installation")

Step 2: Go to and install "Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator - Version 5.0.7 (3.5 MB) "
Step 3: The "Seismic Hazard Curves &* Uniform Hazard Response Spectra" display will open.
Step 4: on the very top right corner use the pull down menu to choose the appropriate Code (in this case IBC 2006)
Step 5: Enter the zip code or the Latitude/Longitude to get the result.

P.S. Based on Dr. S.K. Ghosh suggestion, entering the Latitude/Longitude will result in more accurate output. You can get the Latitude/Longitude from or other sites.

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A few months ago someone posted a link to the website that provides this information. It had a nifty java app and would look up the values by address or Lat/Long. could someone post that for me?




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