Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Boltable Embed Plate

Dear Mr. VeRost: Thank you for the info on Bolted Embedded Plate below. I am interested in knowing more about the connection and have the following questions:

1. Is there a web site that has more info on this connection and its applications?

2. Has this connection been reviewed/discussed by the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC)( which develops provisions for and maintains the specifications for bolted and riveted connections?

3. Are there test results on behavior of this connection under monotonic (gravity) and cyclic (wind and earthquake)Effects?

4. Is this a patented system or is it in public domain?

5. In what type of structures this connection has been used? Industrial, residential, high rises, ...?

I appreciate it very much if you can provide more information on this connection and its advantages and disadvantages.

Thank you again for bringing to these pages the existence of such connections.

Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, Ph.S., P.E.,
Professor and Consultant on Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering
and Protection of Buildings and Bridges against Blast and Impact


From: "Russell VeRost" <>
To: <>
Subject: The Boltable Embed Plate

Recently used on a local project the new Bullalo, New York Zoo their =
South Amarican Rainforest exibit being constructed now.

The structural engineer A. J. Petrilli P.E. says he will continue to =
use them where required in his future projects. =

The Boltable Embed Plates save erection time by elimenating field =
welding to blind embed plates.

They are available from Community Steel Corp. Att: Joe Vona at =

If your interested let me know and I can send you via E-Mail a =
complete set of PDF drawings with the values both shear and tension.

Thank you
Russell L. VeRost

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