Monday, June 29, 2009

Re: Update: Dallas Cowboys roof Collapse

Christopher Wright wrote:
> That's because we're expected to do our jobs well. Engineering work is
> supposed to be done correctly; when that happens it's not news. You
> don't see headlines saying 'local silversmith makes another ride
> around Middlesex discussing the weather.' Revere made news when he
> told people something unexpected.
Yeah, that's true.

I guess what I should have said is "there's no glory in an engineering
job well done."

You can have a movie about a fighting attorney, winning a big case
against the "evil corporations." But I suspect a story about a crusading
structural engineer that "wins" against the "evil corporate building
owner" to make sure a building is safe, won't get green-lighted in
Hollyweird any time soon.

N.B. I dig the historical analogy.

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