Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Re: Whimsy was: Flexure vs. Cable Action in a solid rod.

You may want to try tequila Karma.
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Subject: Whimsy was: Flexure vs. Cable Action in a solid rod.

I met a guy on a plane going to San Fran a few months ago.  He was a former engineer who now lives on a boat in Mexico.  He was going to San Fran for a reunion.  He was one of the inventors of the mouse.  The inventors of the mouse were getting together for a reunion.  Now he lives on his boat in Mexico.  I have his business card and have looked him up on the internet.  He cruises here and there with his wife.  I would send SEAINT the link to his web site, but that would be tough for all of us to take.  I look at it from time to time when I have a bad day.  ....and then I feel worse. 
.....Damn!!  I was planning on inventing the mouse, but I was busy with some girl at the time.  Instead of inventing the mouse, I got divorced and invested heavily in GM and Citi Corp and any other stock that tanked.  ...chain me to the desk!!
...I am going to buy myself a beer and look at his web site!!

Regards, Harold Sprague

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> Subject: Re: Flexure vs. Cable Action in a solid rod.
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> On Jun 24, 2009, at 6:56 AM, Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc. wrote:
> > I am going to show this to my wife so that when I win the lottery,
> > she will let me quit.
> I figured if I ever came into an 8 figure settlement of any kind, I'd
> still keep working, but only on interesting stuff. The engineering
> biz is generally fun, but imagine how sweet it'd be if you really
> were your own boss. Vacations on a whim, no scrabbling for work, good-
> bye bottom feeders and a remodeled office with actual storage space.
> Damn. Now I'll be mentally re-working my office for the next hour.
> Christopher Wright P.E. |"They couldn't hit an elephant at
> | this distance" (last words of Gen.
> .......................................| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania
> 1864)
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