Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Re: Whimsy was: Flexure vs. Cable Action in a solid rod.

To quote one of my least favorite presidents, "I can feel your pain".  He used to be my absolute least favorite, but that has recently changed.
Two or three years ago, I invested heavily in Bank of America, CitiGroup, Washington Mutual, and AIG.  Then I got busy at work, and overloaded with volunteer service, and completely neglected my investment portfolio.  Now I wake up each day telling myself how much I enjoy my day job, because I realize that I will be doing it longer than I had originally planned.  It's not all bad.  I now enjoy a record backlog and have expanded my structures group 78% since the beginning of the year.  Not one dollar of that backlog is from anybody's stimulus package, but I am stimulated nevertheless.
If I had invented the mouse, it probably would have been called the rat and it would have been killed at birth. 

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 12:20 PM, Harold Sprague <> wrote:
I met a guy on a plane going to San Fran a few months ago.  He was a former engineer who now lives on a boat in Mexico.  He was going to San Fran for a reunion.  He was one of the inventors of the mouse.  The inventors of the mouse were getting together for a reunion.  Now he lives on his boat in Mexico.  I have his business card and have looked him up on the internet.  He cruises here and there with his wife.  I would send SEAINT the link to his web site, but that would be tough for all of us to take.  I look at it from time to time when I have a bad day.  ....and then I feel worse. 
.....Damn!!  I was planning on inventing the mouse, but I was busy with some girl at the time.  Instead of inventing the mouse, I got divorced and invested heavily in GM and Citi Corp and any other stock that tanked.  ...chain me to the desk!!
...I am going to buy myself a beer and look at his web site!!

Regards, Harold Sprague

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> Subject: Re: Flexure vs. Cable Action in a solid rod.
> Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 10:21:12 -0500
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> On Jun 24, 2009, at 6:56 AM, Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc. wrote:
> > I am going to show this to my wife so that when I win the lottery,
> > she will let me quit.
> I figured if I ever came into an 8 figure settlement of any kind, I'd
> still keep working, but only on interesting stuff. The engineering
> biz is generally fun, but imagine how sweet it'd be if you really
> were your own boss. Vacations on a whim, no scrabbling for work, good-
> bye bottom feeders and a remodeled office with actual storage space.
> Damn. Now I'll be mentally re-working my office for the next hour.
> Christopher Wright P.E. |"They couldn't hit an elephant at
> | this distance" (last words of Gen.
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