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Re: Obama-Care: This Is What It Will Be Like re:sgordin

And what part of the system we have now is better or even works?
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Well, I watched it.  The guy is kinda annoying.  But...
But it was so nostalgic...  It so reminded me of the experience back in the good old country - although even there the situation was somewhat better.  I am used to, and immune to, any propaganda; I vividly remember those at best embarrassing, but mostly bureaucrats-without-borders looks, phrases, and actions that cannot be faked.   There was saying in my previous life to the effect that "free medicine is medicine-free."  In that life, those who had the money (or, as in my case, family full of doctors) were more or less OK; others had to pay in legal, illegal, or barter forms to get treatment.  For the majority, though, healthcare came at the as-needed or as-available (and it was not) basis.
By the way, going back to the climate change discussion, today I finally read most of the 60+ comments to the June 8, 2009, ASCE President's blog.  The vast majority of responses were highly critical of the ASCE official stance on the issue (the post from the Dutch engineer was particularly convincing).  So I was wondering if the PE-authors of these comments were simply nuts, or right-wing conservative nuts? Or may be, they are simply right?  
It seems surreal to me that in the current situation we appear to keep compounding our problems - delighting the bad guys and discouraging the good guys all around the world.  To know that, one just needs to travel, or at least to read the unedited news in other languages and/or from other countries.
People like myself had a chance to actually live inside the systems where the government owned practically everything.  For us, the answer is very simple - such systems are extremely inefficient and - in spite of the nobility of their proclaimed causes - inherently inhumane.  Worst part -at the end, these systems tend to cave-in under the overburden of the intolerable expenses.  And then it becomes really bad.
It would seem to me that such nominally rational folks as structural engineers "should bother" to watch, listen, and think, and, may be, even to lead the less-rational others.  May be we should learn from history, and - at least for now - not concentrate on fixing what is not really broken, turning our attention to the real, more pressing, issues.  
I would dare to say that change is not always good. Guys, beware of what you wish for. 
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA
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> Watch the whole thing. Leftists, I'm sure you have lots of rebuttal -
> but mostly I just expect ad hominem.
why should anyone bother reading anything but the URL. the phrase 
'undercover expose of socialized health care' just telegraphs it all: 
right-wing code for 'healthcare reform is a commie plot.'

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