Monday, July 13, 2009

Re: Obama-Care: This Is What It Will Be Like

The best thing to do is what I did, delete the post and don't bother, knowing where it is coming from.
It is obvious this Idiot Bill has no buddies, no friends, NO CO-WORKERS, to chat with. I wonder how his wife can live with this Idiot. He's a typical brainwashed BUM. All he does is listen to those haters like Rush and blame his failures on the leftists, despite the fact that the Obama Plan will benefit Dumb Ass Failures like him.
Yeah, Bill, we have a Leftist President, and a Black one for that matter, so go F yourself and Rush.
Peter Maregan, Proud Leftist.


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I'm sure there are a lot of list-servers that specialize in this kind of political crap but I am under the impression that this is a list-server for engineering matters.
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Watch the whole thing. Leftists, I'm sure you have lots of rebuttal -
but mostly I just expect ad hominem.

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