Friday, November 13, 2009

Effect of Consolidation on Black cotton soil

Hello all , As I requested you all to tell me some good research
topics, I have made this topic which is a mix of Geotechnical and
Structural Engineering.
I stay in Nagpur, India. Here we have large
area covered with Black Cotton Soil which is known to be not very good
for construction. What i was thinking is to have a research on '
Consolidation on Black cotton soil' which will have direct effect of
consolidation on Black cotton soil and is it almost same or differ
with different composition of Black cotton soil. Secondly, Effect of
structure of Buildings of same load on Black cotton soil. I know this
is quite a vast topic but still I want to know from all members that
will it be a good research project to do ??


Avi Sharma
2nd Year
Department of Civil Engineering,

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