Thursday, November 12, 2009

Re: Being Outspoken

Dear Avi:
As a second year college student in overseas, you joined this list-serve 3 days ago with "Internship query" and salary comparison inquiry. Please keep it respectful.
God Bless and Thank you.

Khashayar "Casey" Hemmatyar, SE
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Dr zzzzz

               I am really feeling bad about this one now. You can say

to this extent is something that is out of limit. I think you should

have read something about the prof you are saying this. He is a real

Civilian !! If you had guts then you would have come a general message

through seaint. I am not against you but the point I am trying to make

is about a decorm of place you are in. This is not orkut/fb, this is

something serious and something of our branch's concern.

Just one message, Maintain a decorm !!




Prof Astaneh,

                             Please reveal his name to admins atleast

for some kind of Action.


On 11/12/09, Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl <> wrote:

> Dear Seaint friends:

> I just received this e-mail from (Dr. name withheld) a Seaint member and

> felt I need to stop and reply. Then I felt to share his short e-mail and

> my a bit longer reply with you as well.  Being out there in public,

> specially with projects I have been involved with, I get quite a lot of

> supportive e-mails but this time I felt to make one public . The reason

> is for the first time in my carrier, last week I received my first and

> hope last hate e-mail  which was very disturbing and had to be turned

> over to Campus mail. The hate mail was attacking me because of my

> criticism of Caltrans. So here is Dr. n.w. 's e-mail and my reply.

> ====================================================================================

> x. y. z wrote:

>> * Prof. Asteneh:


>> I thank you much for your outspokenness typical of your e-mail to the

>> SEAINT list-serve at 6:07 am this morning.  You may not know the

>> extent of those who appreciate this type of professional activity..


>> Dr. x. y. z