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RE: Cottage Renos - Concrete Floors

Flexicore in the 1950's was a product similar to Dox Plank, however, Flexicore was a true precast, prestressed member. Therefore unless you have drawings for the existing buildings or have an unlimited project budget so you can either X-Ray a typical plank to find out the diameter and size of the strands so you can make some reasonable assumptions relative to the load carrying capacity, or load test the members, your next best bet is to find out what the original usage was, look up the building code for the time of construction and assume that you have at least the same live load capacity as the codes required for the original usage. If you are planning on making modifications to the planks (i.e. cut holes, etc.) then in lieu of the unlimited budget option your best course is to introduce steel re-support beams that can independently support any engaged tributary area.


Matthew Stuart

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I hope somebody can help me.  I have a job renovating a 1951 "cottage"
on Lake Erie (more like a bunker).  It was built with 10" block bearing
walls and 6" block partitions.  The floors  consist of "Flexicore"
concrete planks which appear to be 6" deep x 12" wide with hollow cores
in the centre.

If anybody knows anything about these planks, I'd appreciate if they
could provide with any info or resources.  The product may have been
American as the original owner and builder was from Buffalo, NY.


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