Wednesday, November 11, 2009

slab flatness

As far as I understand it, slab flatness is not a building code requirement. It depends on building and its intended purpose, and it specified by the architect or engineer according to what the owner wants. A floor supporting sensitive medical equipment is much different then a residential SOG. My code searches in Florida BUilding Code (basically the IBC) confirms this. ACI 117 had guidelines and recommendations, but these are up to the owner and design team to incorporate into the design specs or drawings.

Anyone know anything that contradicts this?

Therefore, the average residential SOG is screeded with a 2x4 and a level and little else, and if you did a floor slab survey you may indeed encounter differences throughout the slab of an inch or so? This is what I would anticipate. As long as the interior walls, flooring, cabinets and other finishes can be installed, and it is not noticable to the naked eye, this is acceptable...

Thanks for your opinions,
Andrew Kester, PE

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