Monday, November 16, 2009


As part of an effort to increase the credibility of the articles I have set up a tiered approach to contributing to the StructuralPedia project.

First, the requirement that you must be logged in to view content has been removed.

Second, registered users may comment on articles. 

Third, comments by registered users may be edited or incorporated into the main article.  Comments will not be considered officially part of an entry.  Editors will now be used to start new articles and edit existing ones.  These editors are the only ones that my incorporated comments into the main article.

If you would like to become an official Editor please contact me or respond to this posting. 

I would like all Editors to provide a short profile on themselves on their user page (a picture of themselves is optional). 

This is a movement away from a pure wiki approach, but one that may be necessary because of the technical nature of the content on the web site.

Any thoughts on this?

- Jeremy