Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Re: About my WTC paper

While I kind of agree, it is complicated by the fact that most email clients will automatically use the List email address when you hit the reply button.  Even hitting "Reply All" does not help on Mail on a Mac.  Hitting reply on my Android phone does address the reply back to just Geogory, while "reply all" will do both him and the List.  Point is that SOME email clients (such as Mail on a Mac) will use the List email address as the reply address when hitting reply.  In such cases, if you want to send back to the actual person, you much manually remove the List address and enter that person's address...something that people likely will notice and thus, not do.  Many people likely just hit reply and quickly type the message and send it.



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You'd figure that all these intelligent engineers on this list know better to reply directly to Mr. Gregory rather than flood the list server with their request for a copy of the paper.

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Can you just post the paper on the SEAINT Linkedin.com Group for everyone to see?
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