Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Re: Of Interest To Texas P.E.'s

Stan, thanks for the correction. I was going by a discussion had with two other engineers, and I went by their version of things.

Also, I know there were an awful lot of infuriated engineers as a result of the TDI certification flap, for a variety of reasons. So it rang true.

(What the heck is a "floodplain manager," anyway? And how would one differ from a civil engineer experienced in hydrological analysis and design?)

Would you agree with me, however, that this provision of the TEPA poses a problem for TxDOT Precertification and TDI's program (if that last still exists)?

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Via iPhone 4

On Aug 31, 2011, at 12:38 PM, Stan Caldwell <> wrote:

> Bill:
> I know that this might be an exception, but your recollection is not correct.

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