Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RE: Seismic Event (from seaint Digest for 23 Aug 2011)

Hi list,

Similarly to the folks in Pittsburg, I'm in Ottawa, Canada and didn't feel it -- but people in other parts of the city did. It's funny how important the site soil characteristics are. We had a somewhat smaller earthquake here last year (5.4, IIRC, near Val-des-bois, QC), and the shaking of our mid-rise building, founded on sound rock downtown, was over in a few seconds. About 5km further from the epicentre the shaking lasted about 2 mintues at a site built on a deep layer of landfill and natural till.

- Michael D'Costa

(This is in response to 23 Aug 2011 Digest messages 11-26, too long to quote here.)

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