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Re: WTC collapses

Now we will get all of the list's lurkers out of heir foxholes!

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I would like a copy as well.


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As far as Building 7 collapse, there is no better explanation than controlled demolition

You can question the qualification of the presenter, but this does not undermine the above statement.


As for the towers themselves, mechanical damage plus subsequent action of fire

could have done it. (Don't forget the oxygen content of the plane, which makes a furnace

out of the area.) But there is a problem. No way to explain, on structural grounds,

why it collapsed as fast as it did.


On the rational side: as far as sounds of explosions are concerned, there is less of mysteries

than often implied by various writers.


My paper on the subject is about to be published.

If you let me know, I will send you a pre-print version.


Gregory from Oz


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