Thursday, September 8, 2011

Re: Old Structural Mesh BF912

>From Singleton - Copyright 1933, 1937,1947 - textbook at Cal Poly - 1950's:

Page 5:    Welded Wire Mesh   possibly interpreted as longitudinal steel:  9 gage at 4" spacing, transverse steel 12 gage at 12" spacing.   Area/foot - long:  .052 in2, transverse steel: .009 in2.  Obviously this would be for a one-way type of slab.  I can't find anything on what the "BF" is.  It might be B(?)Fabric!

My CRSI handbook is 1952 (first one) and they have a 4 x 12 - 9/12 listed for One-Way Types.

Neil Moore, PE, SE

On 9/8/2011 11:15 AM, David Topete wrote:
That's a tough one to figure out.  Any good leads yet?  I'll check our office library, but it sounds like a proprietary call-out.  My guess is the 9 means a No. 9 wire.  Maybe spaced at 12"o.c.  Good luck with this one.

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We are working on a project that involves an existing reinforced concrete building with the drawings dated 1937.  The reinforcing specified for 3" slab over joists is BF912 Mesh.  Does anyone know BF912 Mesh?




Martin Li, P.E.

David Topete, SE