Sunday, October 30, 2011


 Daryl, that was quite interesting, but there is little similarity with WTC,
not only as much as origination of the process,
but also in the manner of failure. The columns here were falling sideways
and dragging the building sideways.
Gregory from Oz
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Subject: Fw: Grain elevator demolition Calgary

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Fellow engineers,

        The referenced youtube video shows the demolition of an old 16 =
storey concrete structure in Calgary  I think most of you will find it =
very interesting.

        One feature of this demolition is that some of the explosives =
were also placed at mid height as well as at the base.  It is =
interesting to compare and contrast this demolition with the World Trade =
Centre collapse that some people (mistakenly, in my opinion) think might =
have also been a controlled demolition.

Regards to all,

H. Daryl Richardson,