Wednesday, October 19, 2011

re: cantilevered slab

Since the architect wants an exposed slab, is there an option to do a
structural slab, a membrane, then a topping slab that you can treat
with acid/blasting/etc to give them the look they are going for?
Conceptually I am thinking like a lightweight topping slab like you
would do with wood framing, but I don't know if this is commonly done
with CIP concrete.

I would think whatever they do to protect parking garage slabs from
de-icing or bridge decks would be a similar application. I don't know
how could any clear sealants really are, and if they need to be
reapplied regularly. I will defer to Harold and other concrete experts
on this one.

I shouldn't be surprised by architect's (or rich owner's) desires
anymore, but as much as I like concrete that is not the finish I
personally would choose for my bluff side retreat :)

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