Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There has been a good amount of discussion about this subject in other
locations (Eng-Tips, Structure Magazine or Structural Engineer). I didn't
provides links to these discussions, but they shouldn't be all that tough to
find... just Google it.

The old code requirements were to use 0.9*DL for the uplift combinations.
But, you were required to have a 1.5 Overturning moment safety factor.

The new code consolidates this by using a load factor of 0.9 / 1.5 = 0.6.

So, that's where the 0.6 DL comes from. If you continue to use the old load
combinations (with a 0.9 factor), that would still be valid as long as you
apply the 1.5 safety factor when you check overturning. If you use the new
LC's then you don't have to worry about doing an overturning stability check
because it is already taken care of.


Josh Plummer, SE
RISA Technologies

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