Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Re: Standard Portal Frame Analysis

It's cool to have a "famous guy" as a teacher, even a mentor.


I had to make do with professors who were STUDENTS of famous guys - one of mine was a Ph.D. student under Newmark at Illinois, for example.


I am planning to take an Advanced Concrete Design course next semester, just to keep my hand in. The instructor is Thomas Hsu, THE "torsion design of concrete" guy.


Don't want to forget to get his autograph.

On November 1, 2011 at 12:57 PM "h.d.richardson" <h.d.richardson@shaw.ca> wrote:

        I'm sure you'd remember the fundamental principals pretty quickly, particularly if you had an instructor who understood the fundamental principals himself and not just how to do the calculations.
        The principals are very simple: just the behaviour of single span beams with applied end moments plus linear superposition.  Only the accounting can get to be a nightmare.
        Fortunately for me, my instructor is one of the best engineers in the world.  That's now; back then (50 years ago) he was just a young kid, hardly any older than me, with the ink on his Ph.D. still wet.  You've probably heard of him, maybe even used his textbook.  His name is James G. MacGregor; and it was several years before I fully realized just how fortunate I'd been to have him.
H. Daryl Richardson