Monday, November 7, 2011

urm buildings la city

I am working on a URM building (1920's era with wood framed roof and bow string roof trusses) that does not appear to have been retrofitted.  I understand that the city required all URM buildings to be retrofitted, but I searched the city Building Activity Report and there are no outstanding orders against building.  Landlord is recent owner and does not have any info about an order to comply - likely wont do anything unless mandated, plus big impacts to cost and schedule of project.  I have made the point that this is a building safety issue and the right thing to do.  Are some types of URM buildings exempted from the order?  At one time, LA city published a list of all the URM buildings in the city that still were required to be retrofitted, but I am having trouble fining that list on line.  Anybody know anything about that?
Thanks in advance,
Paul Franceschi, S.E.