Monday, December 5, 2011

Corrosion Engineer

I have a non structural problem- I know you are well rounded individuals have lots to say on all topics- sorry no history questions this time
I have a problem at the condo complex I live at, the copper fire sprinkler pipe keeps getting pin hole leaks. built in 1986 and the local water is hard and supplemented with hard water from the Colorado River. The fire sprinkler repair guy keeps blaming it on the acid flux they used to solder the pipes. They typically have one leak per month somewhere in the complex.
The complex has 250 units and they use a let it leak and then fix the pipe and some time extensive water damage. They could epoxy coat the interior of the lines but then every sprinkler head would need to be removed, and no good plans exist for hidden heads.  They haven't gone this direction.
Could and anode or a current be place on the piping to eliminate the corrosion problem in the piping?
Here's the question – can anyone make a recommendation for a corrosion engineering firm that could figure this problem out?
The condo's are in San Clemente CA
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Tim Rudolph PE
now in San Clemente CA