Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RE: QUESTION re: Grouting Equipment bases

The tollerances indicated in the ACI 117 are overly generous.  I would suggest adding a note to require the vendor to coordinate with the contractor to determine the requirements for grouting.  Some machinery on skids can accomodate a lot of variability.  Some machinery can not. 
It always happens that we ask the vendor what they need, but only complain once they get out in the field and see how much variation there is in the concrete surface.  It is easier to have an anchor rod too long than it is to have one too short.  If it is longer, you can accomodate a grout bed.  Depending on the equipment, I prefer having an allowance for grouting.  They can shoot the shim stack for level within thousandths of an inch, set the equipment, and grout the space.  The world will be in order, the flowers will bloom, millwrights will name their children after you, and the sun will come out.  ...I feel sorry for those kids.

Regards, Harold Sprague

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Subject: Re: QUESTION re: Grouting Equipment bases

Thanks, Raj, however I'm not really concerned with the actually method of grouting, but who is responsible to show it on contract or bid drawings.
My contention is, that's not something you show on a Foundation drawing, which is after all a drawing that deals with the FOUNDATION, not whatever's being put on top of it. My colleague insists that "he has always shown the machine base and the grouting detail on that drawing for years."
Just soliciting opinions.

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API RP 686 has the necessary directions to grout machinery foundations.
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Subject: QUESTION re: Grouting Equipment bases

1) Do you do foundations for equipment such as pumps, compressors, engines, vessels, etc.?
2) Do these typically feature grouting of some arbitary space between the base of the equipment (base plate, base angle, base frame, etc.) and the foundation?
3) Are you responsible for instructions for the people doing that grouting, and how do you instruct them if so?
An argument between a colleague and myself is pending.