Monday, December 5, 2011

RE: Reference for screwed connections in structural steel

Check out the NASA 1228
It will not have the official blessing of the IFI, AISC or the RCSC, but it provides an engineering solution. 

Regards, Harold Sprague

Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 11:16:07 -0800
Subject: Re: Reference for screwed connections in structural steel

Look at the December issue of MSC magazine on page 9.  The topic is "Strength of a Tapped Hole".   We had this situation happened earlier this year and it became a problem of installing and tensioning a Gr 5 bolt into a less than A36 plate with limited thread length.

Neil Moore, PE, SE

On 12/4/2011 5:09 PM, Conrad Harrison wrote:
Seems similar to traditional type build-up of sections using rivets before welding available. Screws typically used with cold-formed steel, so resistances can be checked against cold-formed steel code.


Conrad Harrison
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