Monday, June 29, 2009

re: Dallas Cowboys roof collapse

N:Andrew Kester;PE
FN:Andrew Kester, PE
WOW, amazing article, scary stuff... You just expect better from an engineering company, we are not financiers blowing smoke up each others @$$ because eventually you will get caught (often by gravity), and instead of just bankrupting people and sending the economy into a tailspin, people get hurt and die.
I agree with Daryll completely, this goes way beyond a single mistake, this is a company-wide, Grisham-novelesque conspiracy and cover up. I cannot believe how reckless they appeared to be even after an entire building collapsed and they lost a lawsuit. Geesh, if I messed up one beam and it deflected too much I would freak out!!!
Honestly, besides the engineers or EI that screwed up, sounds like the "suits", probably non-engineers, were really pressuring the engineers to go outside of their comfort zone. Those types of situations really test a person's moral fortitude. Its not really worth a paycheck to sell your engineering soul, no matter how big.....
Andrew Kester, P.E.