Monday, June 29, 2009

Re: Update: Dallas Cowboys roof Collapse

All municipalities in Texas have adopted building codes, usually versions of IBC.  This includes Irving, Texas, the Dallas suburb where the practice facility is located.  It is the rural, unincorporated areas of Texas where there are no building codes.  Our many attempts to get legislation passed that would allow counties to adopt and enforce building codes beyond city limits have all ended in failure. 
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., SECB
HALFF Associates
Richardson, Texas

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 7:03 AM, Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc. <> wrote:
I can't comment any more on what you and the others have said about these collapses.  However I recall you saying that Texas does not have a state building code and that the minicipalities outside of the big cities are not allowed to have their own building codes. Pls correct me if I am wrong.
Then to take this one step further, what powers do the municipalities have to enforce anything if there is no code.  It seems to me that there is no oversight.  Obviously the designs were faulty but humans make errors and so someone has to be a "cop" and check on all the work that is proposed and going on.  Comments?