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RE: Dallas Cowboys roof collapse

This comes back to a similar concern I have expressed this list and in other places (to a unanimously negatively response) regarding engineers basing designs on design tables/charts provided by manufacturers/suppliers.

In many cases they have been developed by and for marketing departments. Maybe engineers were involved in their development but they were also in this case being discussed. And normally they have as much real design experience as these people and have the same aim, selling their product.

I cannot believe that an engineer being paid to "design" a building or a component of a building will not do his/her own calculations to justify the design of these types of elements, rather than picking a number from a table!.

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Not to excuse the behaviour, but this company is NOT an engineering company.  They are a pre-fab building company that happens to have an engineering department.  This certainly does not excuse such stuff, but it can explain it.  After all, if you have a bunch on non-engineering suits calling the shots and whose goal is to sell more buildings at lower cost and more profit, then I can see how engineering can be forced into a back seat (if any seat) in such a situation.  Does not make it right by any means, but there are a lot of things in this world that are not right.
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WOW, amazing article, scary stuff... You just expect better from an engineering company, we are not financiers blowing smoke up each others @$$ because eventually you will get caught (often by gravity), and instead of just bankrupting people and sending the economy into a tailspin, people get hurt and die.


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