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RE: Update: Dallas Cowboys roof Collapse

I hear the Sweden argument quite a bit and wonder whether those who pose it have spent any time there. 


I have not, but my friends who have lived there or visited extensively describe it much darker than the picture we often get from the American left.  High rates of suicide, alcoholism, depression, etc.  I’ve also read that high unemployment rates are manipulated by forcing citizens into state sponsored programs and then labeling them as “students” instead of “unemployed.”


This doesn’t prove or disprove anything; I’m just curious where the facts are coming from. 


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I know this is a dead end, but I'll try anyhow.  (It's not quite fair to throw out an argument and then not expect to get a response, is it?)  I have two basic comments:

1.  I *really* would like to know what the ideal society/economy desired Republicans is.  I think I understand the desired Dem society/economy, since "I are one," and it's more or less as practiced in Sweden, a fairly civilized country where a larger proportion of the population is happy with their lives than appears to be the case here in the U.S., in spite of higher taxes. 

2.  A lot of Americans would like to not lose their homes if they get seriously ill, which is not presently the case here.

We haven't had a good knock-down, drag-out political "discussion" in a long time IIRC.  ;)



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Here we go again....

I guess it's unrealistic to expect the whiners to stop whining just because
the whiners are in office. After all, whining is the only thing they seem to
know how to do. At some point, I have to think that they will HAVE to stop
blaming someone else. After all, the whiners have the executive branch, a
filibuster-proof congress and, pretty soon, the Supreme Court.

Once the whiners learn what we learned in the 50s (Socialism doesn't work),
what are they going to do then?

So can we now get back to engineering?

Thank you.

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AIG, Bear Stearns, Lehman, Freddie, Fannie...

all on their own...worked out pretty well, don't you think?

> In all sincerity, isn't this the ideal Republican economic system, where
> everone is "on his own."
> Also, please correct me if I'm wrong.
> Sincerely!
> Ralph
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>> I can't comment any more on what you and the others have said about
>> these collapses.  However I recall you saying that Texas does not have a
>> state building code and that the minicipalities outside of the big
>> cities are not allowed to have their own building codes. Pls correct me
>> if I am wrong.
>> Then to take this one step further, what powers do the municipalities
>> have to enforce anything if there is no code.  It seems to me that there
>> is no oversight.  Obviously the designs were faulty but humans make
>> errors and so someone has to be a "cop" and check on all the work that
>> is proposed and going on.  Comments?
>> Gary
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