Monday, June 29, 2009

Re: Update: Dallas Cowboys roof Collapse

Timothy Hilton wrote:

I hear the Sweden argument quite a bit and wonder whether those who pose it have spent any time there. 


I have not, but my friends who have lived there or visited extensively describe it much darker than the picture we often get from the American left.  High rates of suicide, alcoholism, depression, etc.  I’ve also read that high unemployment rates are manipulated by forcing citizens into state sponsored programs and then labeling them as “students” instead of “unemployed.”

That's what the woman on the "Argue About Everything" forum described (see my earlier link). She compares it to the old Soviet Union, where you had lots and lots of government-sponsored "academics" who research all kinds of stuff but never actually produce anything.

Of course, that would be HEAVEN for many of the intellectuals here in the U.S. But for the majority of us, we just want to be allowed to pursue happiness in our own way, without being used to pad a bureaucrat's statistics in order to make a politician look good.

The political class in the U.S. right now considers that we are all pawns in their game. We have given them power over us, and they are running with it.

Soon, we will be as poor as Europe and the rest of the socialist world - and just as enslaved.