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Re: Contracting through Architect

This has to be a house project or else it's illegal.

Get your contract with the owner of the property. Ask for 1 of the 2

1) 30% non-refundable retainer and 100% payment due at the time you give the plans to anyone (bidding or permit).  That way if the owner's Carpenter Buddy at church who will build everything for 50 bucks a square foot comes back with 300 bucks a square foot and the owner doesn't want to pay for "expensive paper" with a stamp on it, you get paid.

2) Ask for 100% payment up front and give them a 5-10% discount on the total fee for payment in full in advance.

Definitely bump up your fee for working with an unlicensed designer. All the liability is yours, they'll probably steal all your details anyway (never give out cad details), and you'll be making info requests and get nothing but crap answers the whole way thru....

Times are tough, otherwise I'd say pass on the job.


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We always do. I ask for 30% startup fee in all contracts. The problems come when you finish, go through second plan check and all you have done is invoiced the client. If you have not collected at least 80-90% by the time the project is permitted you are in deep do do. That is when you find out the true integrity of your client.
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA
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Couldn't you require progress payments and bill final well before the project built – so that you can pull you're license if need be?


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Being able to collect money.  You have no rights to sue, lien or seek judgement if you don't contract with owner. 


Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA


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What are the pros and cons of contracting through an unlicensed architect
and not the project owner on private projects?

Thanks in advance,

Michel Blangy

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