Monday, September 26, 2011

Question on Cable duct into concrete basement wall in SDC D

Hello list,

I have a situation where a cable duct is joining a building basement wall at 5 ft below grade.   The cable duct's contractor has designed

the concrete duct with some rebar around the a bunch of cables & the duct goes through a Structural concrete wall into a building.

Our building is resting on soil at 7 ft below grade.

We designed the basement wall per SDC D(our project is located) and left an opening for the duct(say, 4 X 2 ft). 
I am concerned with lateral relative movements of wall versus the duct in the seismic zone.  My question is, do we need to provide

horizontal rebars above the top cables & below the bottom most cables connecting our basement wall, making it as one system? 

The cables are so close & no rebars can be placed in between them.

Otherwise we can provide water stop between the wall & duct & use sealant on the outside joint(making them separate).  I am not sure whether IBC/ASCE covers this

case.  There might be a 'standard' way of doing this. Can you pl. give your suggestions?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Ravi Vasu

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