Friday, October 28, 2011

Highway Sound Barrier Walls


I'm currently in a debate with another engineer regarding drilled piles
or caissons for highway sound wall posts. I want to provide steel posts
embedded a short length into augered concrete piles with a steel rebar
cage around the perimeter of the pile with 76mm (3") of cover. The
other engineer maintains that a rebar cage is not necessary if the
galvanized steel post is extended to near the bottom of the pile.

My position is that, due to the augering of the hole and filling in with
concrete, it is likely that dirt will fall into the concrete or that
uneven drilling or air pockets could lead to weakening or cracking and,
hence, loss of cover.

I want the rebar cage since our code states that, in seismic zones,
non-plain concrete shall not be used for structural members where
ductility is required.

Anybody have any thoughts or opinions on this issue?


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