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RE: Identify steel I-beam

X-Ray is much more accurate than GPR, but you have to understand how to interpret the shadow images of an X-Ray, which is different from the reflective image of photography.


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Subject: RE: Identify steel I-beam


I don't think X-Ray will get you close enough for engineering dimensions. It's difficult enough to distinguish between a #4 bar and #5 bar with X-Ray. Besides, X-Ray is a difficult technology to work with. You pretty much have to clear the area for quite some distance. Sonar is probably just as effective, but will also not give you dimensions.


I recommend you chip and repair.



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        I believe you can take X-ray photographs of the column and measure the photograph.  Check with the people who do this sort of thing.




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Subject: Identify steel I-beam


Fellow Engineers,
Is there a way to determine dimensions of an I-beam, encased in a square concrete column, to find its elastic properties, instead of chipping out the concrete?