Tuesday, November 8, 2011

steel posts in concrete

In Marin Co., that is how we routinely build smaller (up to about 8') retaining walls when we want to keep costs down. I've never seen a problem with it.
Chuck Utzman,PE

From: "Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc."<design@hodgsoneng.ca>
Subject: Re: Highway Sound Barrier Walls

Thanks to all who replied to my e-mail. I attended a meeting last week
with my customer, the other engineer and the contractor doing the
installation and his engineer. Nothing final has been decided but it
appears they will try to use the option with no rebar in the concrete.
The other engineer feels he can argue that the steel post embedded in
the concrete provides the required "reinforcing" for the concrete, even
though it is in a medium seismic zone. No skin off my nose and I still
get paid. Thanks again.

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