Thursday, December 15, 2011

Re: ACI and further ramblings

ACI is one of the better organizations and I believe this securing of
print problem will be changed.

Meanwhile, There are password breaking programs. If not that then just
"Ctrl -Print screen" paste into "paint" save as an image and then use an
OCR program.

Further ramblings...

Do not copy for others to use. If the honor system fails, then more code
will not reduce failures. Well, does more code help or it is free codes
that we need? The late Dr. Gabrielsen once suggested to me, referring to
the nuclear industry at the time, that more regulation leads to designs
of avoidance, less understanding, and more mistakes.

Seminars and publications used to be rewarding enough to authors to be
leaders of the industry, generating more jobs, and safely suggesting
their methods to be a standard of care. No seminar should exceed the
cost of the room or web service. No publication should exceed the cost
of printing. All publications referenced and required by a legal
building code should be free on-line.

A standard of care is not a secrete nor has it a limited access for
practice. Seminars, purchased, sometimes give out little perks or
secretes seemingly as true interpretations of a standard of care.
Secrete and accessibly limited design and construction methods may not
be standards of care.

If code is not freely accessible then more companies own it, more than
the number of designers, contractors, foremen and clients. Craftsman's
pride can be nourished by having the code freely available offering a
boundless source to improve and to find a higher respect for the design.

US funding for the construction industry adds to local jurisdiction
methods of control and punishment with inspections, testing and training
but allocated money is not to given to allow a free code, the law, other
wise it would be free on line and in unlocked formats. Constant
reminders to your senator could help.

Publications and seminars for PDH points commercialization, seems more
apparent when magazines are too glossy with pasted in images of people
that just don't seem like engineers.

EERI just had a fantastic free online seminar, with PDH credits. It
enhanced my understanding of the reliability of soil shear velocity for
seismic design. This is an organization of people to follow.

David Merrick, SE

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