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I get my documents via IHS.  The ACI pdf's can not be changed to add bookmarks.  If ACI will not allow anything else, they should at least put the chapter bookmarks in. 
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Kay, I doubt they care. 

A few years ago you could purchase PDFs of their standards, that were not limited in any way. 

You could cut-and-paste the text from ACI 301, for example - which is intended to be used in that way (look at the wording near the end of the standard talking about how to use it). 

Now, you pay the same fee that you would for the hard-copy. You can't download it. You can't print it. You can't copy any text from it. You can only read it through a web browser on Period. 

It's stupid, it's idiotic and it makes no practical sense whatsoever. 

Funny thing is, I can sit there and transcribe the text on my computer the old fashioned way by typing it into word. The restrictions they've implemented don't keep me from typing up the thing and using it however I want. 

It's just idiotic, and I'm sick of the fanatical obsession with IP that throws barriers in the way of legitimate users. 

That's my gripe. 

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
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I do a lot of stuff with ACI. Do you have a particular complaint? I would be happy to pass it on to the right people.

Jay Shilstone

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The American Concrete Institute's electronic publication's business model sux.


That is all.

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