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Re: QUESTION re: Grouting Equipment bases

I agree that important Civil related construction issues should be placed in the respective drawings. However, the pipeline industry, which is where I worked last ten years, don't care a damn for what the civil engineer says. The mechanical and/or Process engineers run the show and choose to do what they determine fit. On several occasions, I noticed that the project managers by passed civil/structural engineers and had drawings completed directly by interacting with the drafting department. My appeals, when I found incorrect drawing details, were summarily dispensed with. I have come across poor quality concrete and steel work in that industry and, thanks to the forgiving nature of concrete and steel, a lot of structures and foundations have not given grief to the "know-it-all" PMs. Completely frustrated, I quit from that last place of employment and joined the Army Corps of Engineers. And, I am enjoying every moment of it (except, I got a big hit on money!).
In my last employment, the equipment vendor drawing was supposed to include grouting details. The construction contract document referenced API RP686 or client specification, if any. The civil drawing will only showed a nominal grout thickness.

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Thanks, Raj, however I'm not really concerned with the actually method of grouting, but who is responsible to show it on contract or bid drawings.
My contention is, that's not something you show on a Foundation drawing, which is after all a drawing that deals with the FOUNDATION, not whatever's being put on top of it. My colleague insists that "he has always shown the machine base and the grouting detail on that drawing for years."
Just soliciting opinions.

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API RP 686 has the necessary directions to grout machinery foundations.
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Subject: QUESTION re: Grouting Equipment bases

1) Do you do foundations for equipment such as pumps, compressors, engines, vessels, etc.?
2) Do these typically feature grouting of some arbitary space between the base of the equipment (base plate, base angle, base frame, etc.) and the foundation?
3) Are you responsible for instructions for the people doing that grouting, and how do you instruct them if so?
An argument between a colleague and myself is pending.