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Re: QUESTION re: Grouting Equipment bases

My position "We don't know who's going to be providing the equipment and we don't know whose going to be supplying the grout. That's not our scope. Our job is to put a foundation there to that a party or parties at present unknown can go there and say 'hey, this looks like a great place to put our pump/compressor/skid/etc.!' It's up to THEM to figure out what they want to do and how they want to do it as far as walking away from the finished product as they hand the keys to the new owner. Our foundation will forever toil and labor in obscurity."


His position: "I've been doing this for twenty-seven years and I've always put the base and the grouting information on the foundation drawing. If we don't do it the contractor won't know how to mount the equipment and everyone will blame us. We're responsible for everything below the equipment base. I was told that by the old-timer twenty-seven years ago who taught me how to engineer stuff."

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        In a past life I was involved in equipment grouting.  One of the things I remember from that period is that many (Most? All?) of the grout manufacturers provided field supervision and warranty service (for a fee, or course) when their product was used.  You might want to check out that possibility.  I'm sure the manufacturers would provide you with a lot of information even if you did not use their field services.
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Thanks, Raj, however I'm not really concerned with the actually method of grouting, but who is responsible to show it on contract or bid drawings.


My contention is, that's not something you show on a Foundation drawing, which is after all a drawing that deals with the FOUNDATION, not whatever's being put on top of it. My colleague insists that "he has always shown the machine base and the grouting detail on that drawing for years."


Just soliciting opinions.



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API RP 686 has the necessary directions to grout machinery foundations.
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Subject: QUESTION re: Grouting Equipment bases

1) Do you do foundations for equipment such as pumps, compressors, engines, vessels, etc.?
2) Do these typically feature grouting of some arbitary space between the base of the equipment (base plate, base angle, base frame, etc.) and the foundation?
3) Are you responsible for instructions for the people doing that grouting, and how do you instruct them if so?
An argument between a colleague and myself is pending.