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FW: Question on a historical structural component

Any insights to the referenced 1940’s system?


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Mr. Stuart,


A colleague of mine was aware of an ASCE webinar you conducted titled “Antiquated Structural Systems”.  Our firm is currently engaged in a remodeling effort to an existing school.  This is a REVIT project and in attempting to model the existing structure we have come across a couple of callouts on the original plans (circa 1947) that we are not familiar with. 


In one location, the verbiage “FK 10-10 @ 18.5 #/sf Cellular Steel Beams” is used and in another area “FK 18-18 @ 6.7 #/sf Cellular Steel Beams” is used.


In a section they appear to be displaying a member with a top and bottom flange supporting a 2” concrete slab with the verbiage “FK Type Inverted (See Plan for Type)”.


These drawings appear to have been prepared by Cletis R Foley, Architect – Engineer (Peoria, IL).


Would you have any idea what this might be?



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